This website primarily is intended  as an information provider for indonesians who live abroad, who in need information of everything regarding indonesia at the current situation, especially about economics or finance, or anything about indonesia, and also for foreigners, who live in indonesia which they may need information regarding indonesia but  due to lack of information online in english, or their lack of indonesian, they may arrive to this website.

en.alamatpegadaian.com is a website containing addresses and telephone numbers of pawnshops all over Indonesia.

en.alamatpegadaian.com also contains information relating to the world of finance and banking such as currency rates, gold prices and others.

en.alamatpegadaian.com is not part of PT. Pegadaian (Persero) (Indonesian Pawnshop Company). We make this website just as a reference to make it easier for anyone who are looking for pawnshops addresses in Indonesia.

We hope this website will be useful and helpful for whoever, wherever and whenever in need to connect to Indonesian Pawnshop Company as well as getting information regarding finance and banking.

Hopefully will be useful for anyone.




en.alamatpegadaian.com Administrator.

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