Gold Buying Tips

Do You want to buy gold?

Perhaps, because you have taken the time to read this article.

But if you are not even looking to buy gold, or just consider to buy gold, you should pay attention to the following things.

First: Ask yourself the purpose of buying gold.

Do you buy gold to wear as jewelry? Or buy gold as a form of investment?

Any goal between the two questions above your reason to buy gold, make sure you pay attention to the tips below.

  1. Check Price
    It is important to observe the gold price first before making a purchase. It must be done because the price of gold always changes every day. By observing the movement of gold prices, you will get a gold price that really can be profitable. The goal is clear, so you make a purchase when the price of gold is at the best price (the price is as cheap as possible). This is very important to do so that when you sell it back, you will get a larger margin. Especially if you buy gold for jewelry, in addition to monitoring prices through mass media, electronic media or online media, it’s good you also compare the prices of some gold shops (maybe 3 or 4 stores)
  1. Check the Physical Condition of Gold
    Before making a purchase, make sure you check the physical condition of gold. The good condition is if the gold is smooth, shiny and there are no scratches or other defects. Also make sure there are no other color spots such as greenish color on the body of gold. The color of greenery is usually a sign that the production process is not perfect (there are chemical substances that are still left behind). Such conditions can be detrimental to you when you resell them. Therefore, the physical condition of gold is very determine the price of gold.
  1. Certificate
    After seeing and paying attention to the physical condition of gold, ask also a letter / certificate that guarantees the authenticity of gold. The certificate describes the weight and purity of the gold you buy. Ask for a letter / certificate that explains the weight and weight of the gold you buy. The letter or certificate of gold will be very useful at the time of resell it, therefore keep the letter / certificate as well as possible.

Second: Ask yourself the size or weight you need.

If you buy gold as jewelry maybe you do not need a large size. Because it is very unlikely to wear large amounts of gold, in addition to risking loss is also very dangerous to you let alone you live in urban areas.

But if you buy gold as an investment step it’s worth considering a larger size.


Third: Where is the right place to buy gold?

To buy gold to be used as jewelry, you can buy it in the gold shops in the city you are domiciled.

But you must always remember that you must be careful in buying gold. Buy gold in a reputable gold shop to avoid fraud.

What if your goal is to invest? It is better you choose to buy it in PT Aneka Tambang Indonesia or in pawnshop offices in your city.

Both places of purchase above provide gold in the form of bars intended to invest. Start small size up to large size.

In both places is also guaranteed security and authenticity.


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