How to Invest in Gold

If we are talking about gold investing, the first thing that comes to our minds is probably in which form the gold that we should have.

For the layman, perhaps what comes to their mind is to buy gold in the gold shop. Then they use it as a jewelry as well as an investment. They would be beneficial because in addition to investing it can also be used to beautify themselves. And, if the price goes up they can be sold. Then, they can wait for the right time to buy it back if the price goes down. Such a simple thinking, isn’t it?

But what we called gold investing is not only in such that way. There are other ways that can yield greater benefits. We can buy gold in the form of bars.

Then you might be a wry smile. Buy gold bullion? Yes it is not possible, definitely need a lot of money. Maybe that’s what comes to your mind.

Oh no, it’s impossible, you may think . Gold bars do not have to be big. Gold bars also have in a small size.  Well, here’s what I mean as an alternative to investing in gold. So it can be done gradually.

Maybe you ask where is the place to get it. In a gold store it must be expensive, because even a small one is expensive. But, wait a minute, there’s a good place to buy it. One of them is in Pawnshop Indonesia!

In Pawnshop Indonesia, there are small sizes of gold bars, which are sold even starting from a small gram unit of 1 gram. Other heavy units sold in Pawnshops are 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 gram. Price per a half gram at the time of writing this article is Rp. 371.000, -.

Gold (Image Source


So you can invest gradually starting with a half gram.

From here you can develop your own investment strategy. Will ypu buy a half gram every week, or every month? Or maybe with a bigger unit of weight, 2 grams for example. You decide on your financial ability.

And great again, you do not need to bother the place to save it. You can deposit it in Pawnshop Indonesia. So you do not have to be afraid of losing just like if you keep it at home.

Are you still thinking of investing gold by buying gold jewelry in the gold shop? It could be, if your goal is to invest at once to look beautiful. However, if your goal is purely to invest in gold, you may need to consider the steps I mentioned above. Because if you buy jewelry in a gold shop for investment, you will incur production costs to make the jewelry. And when you sell it back to the same store, then your gold value will be reduced by the cost of manufacture.

So, still thinking of buying jewelry in the gold shop? Wear it or keep it at home? (it can be lost, can’t it). It’s time for you to try to buy gold as an investment tool in the right place and safe.

All is back to yourself. Investing? Or, Investing while you also look beautiful? Or beautiful as well as investing?

Again, this is only my opinion. You don’t have to follow it strictly. It’s your money. I just gave an alternative way of investing in gold. And I am writing this paper for those who do not understand other ways to invest in gold other than by buying jewelry in the gold shop. I’m sure many of the readers already know and do what I explain. If so, this article is not for you.

Happy investing! (Again, just for the layman).


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