If you just believe that suffering can make you happy

Sometimes in our life, and, out of our expectation, we will experience the thing that we don’t expect. How do we respon to it?


Some people tend to interprete it as a curse to their life, and they will respons negatively.

But, have you ever realize, that most of the time, the difficulties we face are only just the  beginning of a good thing that we will have in the future.


It need patiency, deep understanding to face whatever difficulties in front of us. Sometimes we need not to react to all those things. Just be patience, sincere.


It hard to believe that most of the time, in our life, things will be going better in its way. The problem is, we have not enough energy and faith to endure in suffering.


We need to learn and to believe that suffering we facing is only a kind of blessing that we don’t realize to be happening, in the future.


I believe, and I had been run to it. How about you? Do you believe that suffering can make you happy? If you just believe it!


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