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Definition of Stocks

Share or often called as Stocks is one of the financial market instruments.

Shares can be interpreted as a sign of capital participation of a person or party (business entity) in a company or limited liability company. By entering into capital, investors have claims for corporate earnings, claims on company assets, and are entitled to attend the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS).

Issuing shares is one of the company’s choices when deciding to fund the company.

On the other hand, stocks are an investment instrument that many investors choose because stocks are able to provide an attractive rate of return.

Profits earned by investors by buying or owning shares

1. Dividen
2. Capital Gain

As an investment instrument, stocks also have risks, among others:

1. Capital Loss
2. Liquidation Risk

In the secondary market or in daily stock trading activity, stock prices fluctuate either in the form of increases or decreases. The formation of stock prices occurs because of the demand and supply of these shares.

In other words, the stock price is formed by supply and demand for the stock. Supply and demand occurs because of many factors, both of which are specific to the stock (the performance of the company and the industry in which the company is moving) and the macro factors such as interest rates, inflation, exchange rate and non-economic factors such as social conditions and politics, and other factors.


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