Tips on Selling Gold

Reselling your gold?

If so, then you are ready to make a profit, aren’t you?

That is true, because one of the goals of investing in gold is to make a profit. That’s when we talk about investing. Different matter if indeed you sell gold because of urgent needs.

If you are on the conditions of deciding to sell your gold, consider the following points.

First: Ask yourself why you should sell your gold.

Selling gold usually arises due to two conditions.

Urgent needs
If you have to sell your gold because of an urgent need, it’s hard for you to make a profit. However, you can still get a profit if the price conditions when you will sell better than when you bought it (especially if you follow the Gold Purchase Tips in previous articles).

Take advantage
If gold prices are rising, you can sell your gold to take advantage of price fluctuations that occur. Of course you have to follow the previous gold price movement and the possibility of future price declines.

Intuition plays a role in this. Then you can just buy gold back when the price starts to fall back down.

Second: The factors that you should pay attention to when going to sell your gold.

Your Physical Gold Condition
Notice whether your gold condition is still as good as when you bought it?

Your Letter / Certificate of Gold
Prepare your golden letter / certificate.

Estimate your Golden Value
Estimating your gold value is important to do. If your gold shaped jewelry is usually the shop where you buy will re-estimate the gold that you will sell. But if the gold you have in the shape of a bar that you previously prepared as a means of investment, you simply go to the Pawnshop Indonesia to do the estimated value of your gold.

But if your gold amount is large (many) and you are less sure of the estimate made by the gold shop where you will sell it, you could just contact an independent gold teller. You can go to certified asset asset offices.

Check and Compare Prices
Checking the price at the time of selling gold is very important. Similarly, when you buy gold. You must follow the movement of the gold price within a certain time according to your initial intention to invest in gold.For bar shaped gold, the best place to sell it is at Pawnshop Indonesia or PT Aneka Tambang Indonesia.

But even if you have to sell gold because it needs quick funds, you should think about whether selling gold is the only way out.


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